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Entree by Fino



Who's in the kitchen anyway?  Its Chef Steph! Beneath that calm exterior is an impassioned culinary artist. Good things do come in small packages. One of ten children, Steph has been used to maneuvering her way around the kitchen since she was nose high to the oven handle. Always given freedom to express her passion for cooking and experimenting, her skills continued to grow and mature through formal classes but mostly through her innate ability to mix, pair and compliment tastes and ingredients. As her reputation grew, she became very sought after as a personal chef, which she is to this day. Her foray into using food as fuel for health and fitness came from her personal struggle with weight gain. Through careful study of how our bodies process food, through calorie and macro counting, she was finally able to achieve the healthy life that she sought after. The success she experienced she wishes to share with all those who are striving for a better and healthier life.


Entree by Fino

About Entree by Fino

Your partners in fitness and nutrition

What is Fino?

Think of Fino as you partner in fitness. You know the drill... you just had a great workout. You hit your targets, you had a long day and now you're heading home. "What's to eat?", you wonder. You don't feel like cooking. Its too late, and you're too tired, plus you have to throw your sweaty gym clothes in the washer along with the rest of the moldy pile from last week. Arrrgh!


It's the easiest to just grab a specialty pizza, you know the kind... that thin gluten free crust with some green things sprinkled on top. That's probably healthy and not too many calories. But then do you eat two slices or three? The last time you just about ate the whole darn thing and packed the leftovers for lunch the next day. Then you spent a week trying to get back on track and lose the extra poundage because you were too lazy. Burrito maybe? You know that chicken breast is best but when you get there that carne really looks good and you pile on a little bit of this and a little bit of that and next thing you know that healthy meal is two thousand calories. Yoga mat sandwich? Six inch or twelve? Kinda dry... slather on the mayo, choke it down, gotta eat, right?


You sigh and fantasize, wouldn't it be nice to have a personal chef? One that will measure out your meal, and count the calories, and keep track of the macros, and that will cook only with high quality wholesome ingredients, and will make large enough portions that are delicious, filling and nutritious yet will not pack on the calories, and put them in containers that you can just pop into the microwave oven? AND be reasonably priced? You have to go grocery shopping anyway, one way or another you're paying for food, but imagine if someone did it for you and not only shopped but cooked too? Yeah... I know, dream on...


But wait! Its not a dream! It's Entree by Fino. Fino will do exactly that. Fino will prepare delicious, nutritious, premeasured, calorie controlled, macro conscious meals delivered to your local gym. All for a very reasonable price, and for your ultimate fitness success. Order now!

Entree by Fino
Entree by Fino
“I really regret eating healthy today... said no one ever.” 

Ingredients are key

Whole foods, fresh foods, hand made.

Entreé by Fino uses only whole foods that are fresh, and whenever possible, locally sourced and organically grown. The menu will change according to season to take maximum advantage of the sun ripened flavor that is found only in vine ripened, freshly picked produce. We will never use prepackaged, canned, or ready made foods that sat on a shelf for months on end. All of our food is lovingly  made from scratch with attention to detail; that unique spice or secret sauce that makes eating healthy not a chore but a reward.


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